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FREE SOAP FRIDAYS 10 am to 2 pm!
Traverse City Soap Manufacturer to Give Free Hand Soap & Laundry Soap to Local Residents in Need.

Before You Arrive, TEXT “Free Soap” to 773-770-4377 to receive instructions/updates.

10 am to 2 pm!
Traverse City Soap Manufacturer to Give Free Hand Soap & Laundry Soap to Local Residents in Need.

To receive details/updates:
TEXT “Free Soap” to 773-770-4377.

Before You Arrive…

Bring Your Own Laundry Jug to be filled (limit 1 per family)…


Bring Your Own Hand Soap Bottle or 16oz jar to be filled (limit 2 per family)…


No packaging will be provided. It is a refill station…


Please follow all instructions on signs. They are for your safety and to move the line quickly


Pay As You May! All donations are greatly appreciated with all proceeds going to local charities.

For Immediate Press Release:

Traverse City, Michigan — today announced they will be offering residents hand soap or laundry detergent for free or by donation.  Handwashing is an important part of our defense against the spread of COVID-19, and MyGreenFills wishes to help out anyone in the community that does not have access to these products.

“We are shipping record amounts of our concentrated hand soap and laundry detergent around the country right now, but really want to help out those in our local community who can’t find these products, or who can’t afford them right now.” said Stephen Ezell, CEO.

Here’s how the program works:

Every Friday (Starting March 27th) between 10AM & 2PM residents can access a self-serve drive-through line

Residents must bring their own hand soap (limit 2) and laundry soap containers (limit 1)

Donations will be accepted. All proceeds will go to a local charity helping serve people in the community.

In Compliance with CDC Covid-19 protocols all necessary safety precautions are being taken to ensure that this process is sanitary and follows proper social distancing protocols.

To receive details/instructions about this program text TEXT “Free Soap” to 773-770-4377.

About MyGreenFills: has been providing non-toxic cleaning products for customers for over 5 years with refillable containers, and revolutionary chemistry. They have saved over 2,000,000 plastic containers from ever being produced, and support over 30,000 families every month in their non-toxic cleaning journeys.

Here's A Little More About Us &
The Free Soap We Are Giving Away!

We Deliver RIGHT to Your Door

Get the world's best non-toxic products right from the comfort and safety of your home

Ingredients You Can Trust

Toxic Chemical Cleaners weaken your immune system and can cause serious health issues

One Bottle Lasts Forever

Simply get refills when you need them and stop throwing senseless plastic in the trash.

Bust Out The Stains... Keep The Memories!

Your Signature Scent Laundry Wash is completely non-toxic, meaning you will not be absorbing toxic chemicals through your skin.

With your forever refillable jug and mix-at-home refill packets, it’s easy to stock up on your favorite laundry soap while saving time, money, and space in your laundry closet.


We all make stains...

Most store-bought laundry products contain a ton of toxic chemicals that are chemically engineered to leave an artificial film on your clothes.

Using these types of products are not only bad for you and your family but also our environment!

We believe you and your family deserve better, products that you can trust that are truly safe for your family, home and the planet yet kick butt on stains! * Your first order will include your forever jug.

→ Click To View Product Details

1 Jug + 1 Refill + Your Dirty Laundry = Happy!

Healthy, Happy Hands

Germs and bacteria are everywhere! It's something you can't avoid.

Something you can do to protect your family is wash your hands on a regular basis.

A lot of conventional hand soaps dry your hands out.

With Truly Free Aloe Hand Soap, your hands will be moisturized and germ free!

We believe you and your family deserve the best… a soap that you can trust that is Truly safe for your family, home and the planet yet Truly works great!

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1 Aloe Hand Soap + Your Dirty Hands = Healthy You!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

5 years of real people with real results...



Most frequently asked questions and answers

Absolutely! We are here to serve our community. Just don’t take advantage of this opportunity so we have enough to pay it forward to others. 

We will start the line at 10 am sharp. We expect long lines so come as you wish. Please do not block our neighbors driveways. 

Our Laundry Soap that we are giving away does contain our exclusive blend of Essential Oils and Plant Based Fragrance Oils. 

We will not have any unscented available unfortunately. 

Our Truly Free Aloe Hand Soap is scent free. 

ABSOLUTELY! That is the reason we created these products because we have families to protect, too!

We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use around our own children or pets. 

You can donate $ at the refill station; however, we prefer you donate online on this page so we do not have to handle